American Idol Update:
Carly Smithson out!

12:14 PM

By now, everyone should have realized that American Idol is more of a popularity contest than a talent show. And while the judges (especially Simon Cowell) serve to swing the votes of the finalists' fans, it is inevitable for real talent to be the main qualification for an American Idol.

This week's another shocker, following the boot of Aussie finalist Michael Johns. Carly Smithson made her graceful exit from the show after Syesha Mercado was given yet another week to stay in the competition. Carly gave amazing performances such as her rendition of Mariah Carey's Without You. Unfortunately, her rock-infused performances went to the dogs this week. I hope she does well in her solo career after the show.


Why the heck was Brooke White given another week when she made a major blunder on stage when she started on the wrong note and asked the musical director to start all over again?

When will the charming face of Jason Castro be left for the posters and not on the show?

At this point, if David Cook doesn't win, I'm gonna be very pissed. Good thing Leona Lewis was there to save the show with her live performance of the hit song Bleeding Love.

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