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I've been burning money on movies lately. I don't have time to do full reviews (not that I'm an expert in films) but here are my thoughts on the movies I've seen lately:

P.S. I Love You ( Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler)

Absolutely no chemistry between both actors! The story, however, was great in my opinion. I think I'm going to read the novel as it may be better than this adaptation. Thank goodness for actresses like Lisa Kudrow. They bring life to such boring films. At least there's something to smile about. Touching? Almost but not quite.

Vantage Point (Dennis Quaid / Forrest Whitaker/Matthew Fox)

How can you not go to the theatre and not see this movie? I mean, the trailer is a bit exhilarating (for a moment I was convinced that it's one of the Bourne Identity movies) and the cast is excellent. This is another example of a great concept with poor execution. There's no fluidity and that element that would make you stay on your seats. Some of the people in the theatre were bored as Vantage Point brings you the story, back and forth until you reach the truth as to who is responsible for the supposed assassination.

JUMPER (Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson)

This movie has to be seen in a THX theatre to maximize your viewing pleasure. It starts out boring but displays spectacular effects towards the end of the movie. The only thing that's missing are good actors. Samuel L. Jackson is great in this film. Hayden, on the other hand, needs to get a mirror and try to give us more expressions other than smile and smirk. Rachel Bilson - oh don't get me started with this girl. What is up with your acting girl?

JUNO (Ellen Page and Michael Cera)

Feel good movie of the year! I'm glad the movie won the Best Screenplay award at the Oscars this year. I thought they were going to surprise us with Ellen as this year's Best Actress. She's talented and funny. And the soundtrack is also awesome. No wonder it's still in the Billboard 200. Not much I can say as I was very satisfied with this movie. Now we all know how Jamie Lynn Spears must have felt when she found out she's pregnant.

THE BUCKET LIST (Morgan Freeman/Jack Nicholson)

I think Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are two of the best actors in the world. They don't have to try too hard in order to make a line so funny. Some may think it's a sad movie, kind of like A Walk To Remember. The ending was great. Excellent movie.

Okay tired of watching movies now. I'll try to save by watching on YouTube and recycling my DVDs.

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