You Get Vaseline!

4:36 PM

Once I watched a video of an actress screaming 'You Get Vaseline!' a hundred times. I didn't get the joke at first until I saw something on BryanBoy's blog. Apparently it's the craziness that is called Tyra Banks. I know Janice Dickinson has been talking smack about this girl, saying she's high and been doing drugs all her life. But hey, could it be true?

Watch this and tell me she's not on crack:

Or maybe weed... or some hormonal imbalance:

Oh well, I haven't been watching her show lately and missed the craziness. I somehow think she's evolved into a crazier (and sometimes funnier) Oprah, who I think she hopes to become someday.

And oh, before I go, where do you get this cute pillow Tyra? LOL:

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