My little Bora Adventure

2:57 PM

I was fortunate enough to represent 2bu! Inquirer in the recent Lifestyle Fam Tour hosted by Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel and Cebu Pacific. I was initially scared to go to this tour because I noticed that the list of participants includes Managing Editors and Section Editors of different publications.

A few years ago, I was asked to attend a presscon for a new jeans company. Upon arrival at the venue, I was 'greeted' by the PR guy with the question, 'They sent you and not Tim Yap?' I thought that was pretty stupid of him to do. Although I am not a big writer like Tim, he shouldn't have asked that stupid question.

Anyway, I was happy to see people who, as Samantha Jones would put it, are 'in my box'. I met some incredible people (Vanessa from Expat, Terrie from Travelife and a few other members of prestigious publications).

More photos will follow shortly. Actually I'm waiting for the article to come out so I can link it to my blog so we'll have to wait.

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