Ivan is giving me a free ticket

1:09 PM

My friend Angela reminded me of her wedding this year in lovely Boracay. She already got married in Australia but for the sake of having her parents attend the ceremony (and meet the Aussie groom) they are going to have another ceremony at Friday's. Should be romantic and she has been sending me messages on Facebook, asking me to go along with Belle.

I dunno if I could really go for two reasons: Almost all SEAir flights are fully booked during those dates and I don't know what to wear to a beach wedding! She said in her wedding site that people should wear something casual. And Justin injects that Australians should at least wear jeans. (Maybe not... ahihihihi)

So I was just checking on my Multiply account when I found an entry from Ivan Henares saying he will be giving away a free round trip airfare gift certificate to Boracay! GREAT! This is what I've been waiting for! A free ticket to Angela's wedding!

Ivan, there are three things why you should give me this ticket:

1. I've never really won anything in my life! I am desperate! (Oh well, I won 20 pesos in the lottery but I don't think that counts as a 'winning'.

2. Ever since I started going to Boracay, I've never flown on any airline other than SEAir. They have the fastest flights to Boracay and that's just what I need!

3. I want to experience this beach wedding. PLEASE PLEASE! I WANT THAT TICKET!

Okay, too desperate. But hey... I wanna do this again:

And oh, they have other destinations to.
For reservations go to their site:
Click! Click! Click!

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