V-day and B-day

5:54 PM

So how did I spend Valentine's day? I slept. The whole day. Even though I know I could have spoken with ***o about our pseudo-relationship and asked if we can officially be together, just before Valentine's day ends. Sadly, I overslept due to too much stress at work. So there. No V-day. No partner. At least I did get 8 hours of sleep...


Meanwhile, I spent quality time with my mom and little sister. We went to the SM Science Discovery Center. They should have called it to the SM Amusement Center, though there's also nothing too amusing in there. I think I expected a lot, something much better than the Science Centrum ( but I realized SC is more fun than SMSDC). Let's just say the price was too much for what we experienced.

Writing a 'time capsule note' for kuya

Playing virtual sports

Sadly, she got blisters from her Crocs
so I had to carry her while we go around the mall.

And of course, we dropped by Time Zone
to have more fun as usual.

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