7:49 AM

Boy, what is going on? I am so freaking excited because I get to travel to different spots in the Philippines in the next few weeks.

Boracay: 27-29 February
Camarines Sur: 1-15 March
Davao: TBD

EDIT: I'm taking it back. I think I forgot the fact that I will be enjoying the Bora sand for work and not just purely for leisure. While the trip will be given for free, I still have my laptop and now put on a different hat for this one. Oh how I've waited months for this! Not the bora trip - but the opportunity to write once again. I think my last piece that came out was last year. I haven't really had the time to get more work because writing is more of a sideline since I still have my regular job in the jungle.

I ditched my supposed fist Baguio trip for the Bora assignment. WORTH IT IF YOU ASK ME!

I guess my only worry (ongoing since the first time I went to Bora) is what to wear to the events I've been invited to. I need to get a good pair of board shorts and some decent flip flops or I'll look like some kanto boy along with the other editors of the other broadsheets.

Yes, some of them are editors of their papers. I'm thrilled to travel with them but at the same time I'm scared. I hope I don't end up being a fish out of water like the jeans presscon I attended a few years ago. I ended up talking to the photographers because I didn't know any of the other writers.

What's worse is that the PR guy who welcomed me with the question: 'Where's **** ***?', referring to the popular writer [and sort of celebrity]. Poof!

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