May I Suggest a Wedding Song?

9:06 AM

I hate weddings. There's a lot of hideous gowns and overrated make-overs of nobody's surrounding you. It's kind of chaotic. That's one of the many reasons why I {initially} refused to go to my sister's wedding last year. Now, come to think of it, maybe I should have participated more. Maybe I could have helped her give more justice to Shania Twain's song when she was walking down the aisle.

So, since I missed that chance, I think I'm just gonna do it here. A few friends of mine are gonna get married soon (one in Bora this May and I am hoping I could come). Here are two of the most beautiful songs (i think) that can be used for your wedding.

Song #1: Anyone else but you - Michael Cera and Ellen Page (From Juno Soundtrack)

Picture this: Reception. Family already gave out their best wishes for the couple. The couple now takes on the stage and thanks everyone for coming. Then tells us that they have a surprise for the audience. They called the assistant to hand the groom a guitar. Assistant also sets up the microphone for both. Then they sing this song while a slideshow is being run on the right side of the stage.

Song #2 Who Am I To Say? - Hope

Picture this: Flower girls come out when the first line is sung. Then the rest of the entourage. The bride comes out with her parents and the father gives her daughter to the groom. He congratulates him. He thanks his future father-in-law. They smile. They look at their guests and says Thank You, all while this song is being played (or sung by the perfect singer).

Forgive me.
It's almost Valentine's day.
I'm in love.

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