Pulis Pang-Caloocan?

5:36 PM

Okay, that joke isn't original. I saw it on YouTube while watching GMA's latest fantasy flick, Zaido. I just have one question: Are Pinoys becoming too ambitious? We copied Marimar and now Shaider? One thing is for sure--in any remake, you should NEVER piss off the audience. There's a lot of ways to do it. The first one is by not being faithful to the story of the original series. Second, failure to create a mirror image which, lastly, destroys the whole image of the original character.

I love what they did to Marimar. But with Zaido? I have to think twice. While they continued the story of Shaider, I hate the fact that in this one they made him look like the biggest failure in the world of metal heroes. The story continues after Shaider killed the enemy, the Kuuma Empire, who--sadly--managed to survive. How? We don't really know. And it's now up to the Zaidos to finish him and his gang.

And what's with the crazy costumes? They look like Robocop!

So was I disappointed? With the costumes = Yes. But they seem to have done so well with the special effects. I bet they paid a ginormous amount to make it look soo damn good. I've only seen some parts of the first episode. Who knows? They might have something better in store for us.

Another question: Paolo Ballesteros as Ida the drag queen? Hahahaha! Has he finally come out of the closet?

Verdict: F for eFFort!

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