I Signed Up for PPP!

2:41 AM

It's been quite a while since I was invited to join the highest paying bloggers in PayPerPost. I finally got approved! And now I am ready to get started and have more things to blog about. Oh, did I mention that I can earn money while doing that? It's fun!

This is actually the main reason why I moved to Blogger. With their more customisable format, I can easily monetize my blog. Fortunately, there are companies like PayPerPost that really pay well! I've heard of so many success stories from other blogs I've read. I personally like Kirby's blog. It helped me decide which affiliate programs to choose and which ones to avoid. I also like Mike's Money Making Mission.

With a single post, they can pay you as much as $20 a post! Not bad! I can imagine more gimmicks, more shopping, more movies! That's a lot of things to do when I start earning! So why not join me and the rest of the blogosphere?

You can start by reviewing the blog ethics.

Tara na!

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