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9:21 PM

I just arrived from a movie marathon at Greenbelt. I planned on watching some (if not all) of the films for the Spanish Film Festival at GB3. I forgot that I filed for a leave tomorrow so I was free to do whatever I wanted. I chose to watch three films: Knocked Up, La Noche de los Girasoles, and Los Ultimos de Filipinas. I saw several people from Instituto Cervantes. Surprisingly, my two favorite professors weren't there. But the President of IC gave a speech introducing Los Ultimos de Filipinas which turned out to be an old film,(first time to be shown here with subtitles).

One thing I just don't like with Spanish films is that they're too violent for my taste. I remember Pan's Labyrinth and this time La Noche oh! Too much blood! But of course the plot is excellent so for 65 pesos, it's a lot!

Messing with us

According to a report, the photos of Carrie Bradshaw in a wedding dress was meant to dupe the show's fans. The scenes, of which photos where posted all over the internet, are just dream sequences in the movie which will be released next year. Does this mean she really is going to stay un-married (but with a partner) forever???

To Manila! To Manila!

I thought it was just a rumor until I saw the ad last Sunday. Indeed, Beyonce will be having a concert at The Fort! Yes! The Fort! This means it won't be necessary to buy tickets because you would still be able to hear her sing live from the nearest Jollibee store. Haha! (Just like what my folks did during Mariah's concert). Kasi naman! The tickets are so freaking expensive! But I still can't believe it... I can't wait to hear her sing Irreplaceable live!!!

I think I better slow down in burning my cash on movies. I think I should limit it to two movies a week maybe? I'm getting too addicted. So I plan:

1. Limit my blogging hours (because I'm not getting enough sleep)
2. Limit the number of movies I watch in a week (because it costs too much to watch a movie nowadays!)
3. Limit the sticks I smoke in a day (if not completely get rid of the habit. I quit but I recently got out of rehab.)

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