The Day I Almost Died (Twice)
+ What were you doing
when the blast happened?

4:18 PM

Yesterday, I asked Wowie if she wanted to grab some lunch. At around 11am, we ate at Chef D'Angelo in Glorietta 2. We stayed there for about an hour of exchanging office gossip. We left arounf 11:50AM to buy shoes for her daughter at this Barbie store, still in Glorietta 2. I asked if I can take a pee while she decides on which shoes to buy. I went to the nearest men's room which is near Toy Town, a few steps away from the bridgeway between Glorietta 2 and Park Square 2.

At 1230PM, I told Wowie that we should probably go home because we're both tired and all. But since I ate an equivalent of two meals, I told her I'm going to take a walk. I spent about 15 minutes walking in Glorietta, without knowing that the bombs were about to go off.

Thank God, I decided to just walk in Greenbelt. So approximately 1:20PM, I was buying ice cream at BTIC in GBelt 1. Whew!


Can I just say? I think I'm a bomb magnet... which is not exactly a good thing. Remember when the SM Megamall was bombed in 2001 or 2000? I was there too. It was my birthday. I usually spend my birthday alone. I was playing Bingo when it happened. After I lost some money from the game, my mom called me, berating me for not answering her phone calls. Then she informed me that there was an explosion and that I need to get home as fast as I could.


Thinking that something this bad won't happen twice (at least not consecutively), Wowie and I went back to Glorietta today. As expected, a lot of stalls were closed. We saw a bunch of people at the activity center. We initially thought it was a mass but it turned out to be a press conference.

The usiseros are all outside.
The mall was very quiet today.

Here's what's at the scene.


Another thing that saved me from the blast yesterday is the fact that I promised Patty that I'd attend the IP Philippines exhibit launch. Unfortunately, I was only able to get an hour of sleep because people were texting and calling me, asking where I was and if I was still alive. They knew I was a mallrat and that there's a big chance that I'd be in Glorietta when these things happen.

So I went to the exhibit at around 6pm. Nampucha Jupiter St. was closed because...guess what.. there was another 'explosion'. Actually I wasn't sure if it was an explosion. A car was in flames a few minutes before I got there. The car, according to the onlookers, just left the Employment Compensation Commission building when it suddenly 'blew up'.


Okay, I am now going to stay indoors for now. We are in a time of living dangerously once again.

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