Stress times two

7:11 PM

Wow. What a week...

Last Tuesday, I was greeted with the possibility of losing my job just because of one freaking mistake. It wasn't my mistake though. It was due to somebody else's negligence but I came out as the sacrificial lamb to cover their asses for fear of losing THEIR jobs. What a total ass. I don't blame them. They're not knowledgeable enough on how to manage the department, let alone manage a single employee.

Sometimes, bad managers happen to good employees. Very sad.

Oh yeah, fine, throw that bullshit one more time and tell me that 'you did try your best to save me' and that I am a valuable asset in this company. Yeah wow. Very touching.

To top it all, my dad's in the hospital because of some pain and the doctors still cannot determine the cause. I'm always afraid of hospitals and people getting sick. The fear is probably from watching too much 'House' episodes. I hope my dad is okay.

So imagine the personal and work stress bombarding me since Tuesday. I was almost suicidal. I can't blame myself for taking Valium to calm my nerves. I am as angry as hell and I know just how to take it out on the person. Just you wait and see.

I hate blogging about work. I think it's so unprofessional.

But since the motherfucker is on top of the unprofessionals' list. Hell, fuck it! Fuck y'all!

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