Can I call myself a pirate?

5:20 PM

In one of our journalism classes, we had an interesting discussion about piracy. When does a person become a pirate? My professor told us that according to some law (which of course I've already forgotten), one can download a song or a movie or photocopy a book as long as it's for 'personal usage'. This means as long as you don't sell a collection of songs or a photocopy of the entire book of '7 Habits', you're still in the safe zone.

And the reason why I want to write about this is because I've been downloading a lot of movies lately. Since my schedule wouldn't permit me to go to the prestigious Spanish Film Festival, I just resorted to torrent downloading sites. I am currently downloading two Spanish and two English films. (Geez, I miss my spanish class!)

Anyway, I finally watched AzulOscuroCasiNegro:

This film is about a Jorge, a young Spanish man who is forced to put his future plans on hold when his father suffers from a stroke. He managed to finish his business degree but no one will hire him because he only has experience as a janitor. Everything changes when his brother, Antonio gets out of jail. He begs him to impregnate his girlfriend in jail in order to put her in a better life at the maternity wing. He hesitates but then agrees, even if he is in a relationship with another woman.

This film reminds me of Endo. Jorge always feels responsible for everything that happened in their lives but then suddenly realizes that he needs to stop blaming himself. And like Endo, the scenes are enjoyable and the story, though heavily loaded in drama, are occasionally hilarious.


Something that I recommend that you watch:

Intrigue is what made me buy this DVD. I remember a few months ago, a group of angry fans of Jericho were furious over the cancellation of this TV show. They wrote tons of letters to CBS requesting that they reconsider their decision to axe the show. The appeal was granted and seven more episodes will be shown. Hopefully the ratings will improve so the show can stay on air longer.

Here's what it is about:

Jericho is set in a post-apocalyptic Kansas town that survived, through an accident of geography, atomic explosions that lay waste to major cities including Washington, San Francisco, Boston and Denver.

The show centers on the perils that the Green family and other Jericho townspeople face in a world without electricity or a functioning central government. Food is scarce, life is harsh and organized gangs and government thugs (it's difficult to tell which is which) roam the Midwest.
This show makes me wonder what would happen to Third World Philippines if we suddenly get caught in the middle of a nuclear war. Tsk Tsk... I know Pinoys are tough enough to survive but geez, you should definitely see this show to find out if we're really ready for something like it.


Another recommendation:

This film is based on Ethan Hawke's debut novel. YES. That wasn't a typo. Ethan Hawke did release, not just one, but two novels. And he directs the film version of The Hottest State too. Isn't it amazing? He's a real artist.

One word: CHEEZeeeeeY. If you want a dose of crazy, hilarious, dangerous, young, passionate, ridiculous, unreasonable, stupid, sweet, disappointing, hopeful kind of love story, then this one's for you. Oops, no DVDs yet. I downloaded the movie.

Okay I'm gonna shut up and watch another one.

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