Play or Win $350? Why not both!

3:56 PM

I was once hooked to A LOT of computer games. I remember getting addicted to a game where there were a lot of monsters and scary creatures and you have to kill them - brutally - and though it might sound a bit crazy, I really kinda liked it. Too bad the game became obsolete. The CD won't even run on my old Windows XP computer.

I haven't really caught up with a lot of internet gaming fanatics. I know there are a handful of great games, one of which is Dungeon Runners. It's a multiplayer, role-paying game which features lots of magics, ferocious monsters and disgusting other things. In this game, the players have an option of getting these magic creatures called Bling Gnome - they're the short characters that eat everything that you DON'T need in the game and turn them into gold. This means you not only get to slay monsters, you also get to earn points using these Gnomes.


They are currently running a promotion for bloggers called ‘Pimp your Gnome’ where you can 1) Dress up the Gnome you bought from a store or 2) dress up like a Gnome! Do this and you might get a BestBuy gift certificate worth $350! Sounds perfect for school time.

Go to and grab a Bling Gnome now.

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

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