Maggie Gylenhaal in The Dark Knight

11:17 AM

I think I was one of those folks who asked, Maggie Gyllenhaal's replacing Katie Holmes? It was plain curiosity. I thought Katie shouldn't have given up that role. Look at what's she's missing! I had no doubt that Maggie can be a perfect replacement. In fact, she made Rachel Dawes look like a totally different woman from the one in Batman Begins.

From TrendHunter Magazine: Maggie Gyllenhaal almost turned down this offer because of the paparazzi. Apparently, she just had a baby and the paps wanted to take a shot of her sweet angel. Since she didn't plan on pulling off a Brangelina, she stayed away from the shutterbugs. However, a crazy pap pushed her out of her bedroom by lying about a fire raging across the street.

“The paparazzi were just really awful to us. I mean, they called the fire department and told them there was a fire in our little, tiny building in the West Village (New York) so that we would have to come outside with a five-day-old baby,” Maggie said in an interview.

Maggie recalls seeing those photos of her breastfeeding splattered across page six. She was hurt and almost gave up her role for the latest Batman movie. Good thing she didn't because she would have missed being in the highest grossing movie of all time!

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