Cinemalaya 2008

4:13 PM

Thanks to Chuvaness for writing about this. It's the most exciting event in Philippine Cinema (IMHO). It's Cinemalaya once again. Last year, I wrote about the entries so many times. I haven't really gone through the list of films this years but here are two films that I will definitely be watching.

First is 100 which is sort of a local version of The Bucket List where a cancer-stricken woman lists the things she wants to do before she dies. Sounds familiar? We'll have to see if this one can offer something new.

The second movie is called My Fake American accent which tackles the life of call center employees. I'd love to see how they've portrayed us on this one. There are a lot of misconceptions about call center folks and I want to find out if this movie can help some ignorant (more like stupid) folks understand our lifestyle.


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