Josh Hartnett in 'August'

1:14 PM

This is a very interesting film. 'August' is a movie about a man who starts a dot com company on the eve of the September 11 attacks. It was the time when the internet and e-commerce was said to take over the next generation. Then, planes hit the two towers and everything fell apart. Websites crashed with them and people lost hope.

Not Tom though (played by Josh Hartnett). In this movie, he struggles to revive his company called Landshark, with the help of his brother. The movie got positive reviews when it was shown on Sundance Fim Festival. It will be coming out this month (hopefully it will be released in Asia too). This film is close to my heart. While I do not have a dot com company (maybe not yet), I am so much into making money through the internet. I hope they portray the e-commerce industry well in this film.

Watch the trailer:

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