Hancock and Will Smith's string of bad movies

7:26 PM

What's with Will Smith? Why does he keep landing on movies which, despite making big bucks in the box-office, are panned by critics left and right? I personally didn't like 'I, Robot' but the effects were stunning. That's a consolation. Plus Shia Labeouf was in that movie. 'I am Legend' was 'I am Forgettable'. And now this:

Photo from Yahoo! Movies

John Hancock is not your typical superhero. He's an a**hole. He's not the type of person who will save people because he's passionate about it. He saves them because he's the only one of his kind. To clean up his image, he agreed to plead guilty to his crimes and serve his time in jail. Unfortunately, since crime rate is still up, the chief of police brings him back and this time, he becomes a better person, a better hero.

Okay the good part stops there. The actions scenes were awesome until they inserted the dramatic scenes with Charlize Theron. I love Charlize but it could have been better if she turned out to be the villain trying to kill Hancock. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept: a superhero who becomes mortal when paired with another hero. He learns the value of life and learns to love his mission in his life. However, like most of Will Smith's movies, this one's overrated.

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