Whitney wins America's Next Top Model
The FIRST 'full-figured' model

10:30 PM

The 'first full-figured model'. Now people have to be politically correct when writing about the results of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10. Presenting the winner: Whitney Thompson from Florida.

I don't know where America's Next Top Model, or Tyra Banks for that matter, is going with this. I've been closely guarding Wikipedia and YouTube for the latest on the reality show's Cycle 10 finale. The final three includes Fatima, Anya and Whitney. Fatima was eliminated which makes Anya and Whitney the final two who battled it out on the runway.

THAT IS MY QUESTION. How the heck did Whitney pull it off on the runway? Did they make custom-maid dresses for her? I'm not being mean or anything but let's face it. Models are thin for a reason. They're supposed to look like hangers. (Notice how skinny the hangers look in the shops?)

I canNOT wait to see this episode. Will upload the video ASAP.

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