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10:49 AM

Last year, I got interested in monetizing my blog. I moved from LiveJournal to Blogger because this format is much easier personalize. Starting today, I am going to start talking about some of the programs I signed up with and the ones that actually legit and worked for me.

Some people find it hard to believe that they can actually earn through their blogs. I was one of them. When I was invited a few months ago to join a Paid-To-Click ads (PTC) program, I just laughed at the invitation. Who pays to click ads? The answer: well, the advertisers! Yes they do!

There a lot of advertisers out there who need buzz and enough hits for their sites. So instead of clogging their sites with numerous bookmarks and joining dozens, if not hundreds of social networking sites, they 'outsourced' and passed it on to PTC sites.

So how does it work? Advertisers pay the PTC sites to display their ads or sites. Those sites will then be available for the members to click and browse. It's that easy! You might say the pay is pretty silly (1 cent USD per click) but think about it. If you do this everyday, you can get 10USD in just a couple of months from your own clicking ALONE. If you refer people, you get part of their earnings too.

Here are some of the PTC sites I use. Feel free to click and earn cash!

Coming up: Paid to blog programs

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