Boyzone: Remember them?

11:43 AM

The Brits are at it again! Another 90's pop group is making a comeback. This time it's the pop sensation Boyzone. Remember that group?

Some of their memorable hits are 'No Matter What', 'Love me for a Reason', and that immortal Bean song 'Picture of You'. For the younger folks, Boyzone was the rival of the American groups Backstreet Boys and N Sync. It's hard to compare them because Boyzone was known for their ballads and their covers. They did not have a lot of original songs (I think). Most of their popular singles were all covers.

Here they are today:

Hmm... not sure why they've suddenly gone naked in this promo pic.. but I have to say they do look better here than on their old pics. I heard the tickets sold in just minutes like when the Spice Girls tour started. Let's see if they still can sing live.

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