Iron Man - 5-Stars!!!

10:40 PM

I just saw Iron Man ... TWICE. Yes, it's that good~! It's worth every penny.

I didn't realize that Iron Man's story is much like Bruce Wayne's - a rich man who becomes a hero. What I like about this movie, aside from the incredible effects and robotics displayed on film, is its political angle. It reminds me of Lord Of War (Ethan Hawke, Nicholas Cage) which tackles how America itself funds the terrorists - therefore funding the so-called war.

Oh I am soooo excited for the sequel. I am sure War Machine is going to be in it!

War Machine is Rupert Rhodes, Tony Stark's personal pilot. He is said to have taken over Iron Man's role when Tony Stark died. In the movie, he's played by Terence Howard. There's a scene in the movie where he admires the dramatic flight of Iron Man. Then he turns to a spare suit, which is not yet painted, most likely to be War Machine's suit. Then he said, 'Next time'.


Oh cannot wait for the other big summer movies to come out!

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