Make Me A Supermodel
Giving Tyra a run for her money?

5:43 PM

Hosts: Nikki Taylor / Tyson Beckford
Network: Bravo

Make me a Supermodel
is imported from the UK. One will quickly call it a copycat of America's Next Top Model but there are a few differences. The most obvious one is that it's for both males and females. It also features a male supermodel host, Tyson Beckford.

The format is very similar to ANTM - a challenge and a photoshoot. What's unique is there final catwalk on each episode, which is done before the judges make their comments about the models. It's good in the sense that they can judge the models on their overall performance - catwalk and photoshoot - unlike in ANTM where the models' runway talents are only tested on a few challenges.

Their selling point is that the audience can participate by choosing who should be kept in the competition, a true signature style of a reality show. The judges are just there to choose the bottom three performers. From there, America can vote using their AllTel phones on who they want to be made into a supermodel.

The bad: Tyra is definitely more popular than Nikki Taylor. (Or I could be wrong) She also brings more energy to the set than the hosts of MMAS but maybe that's how it really is in the real world.

Here's a clip from the last episode I watched:

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