The Funniest Thing by Ally

11:32 AM

Ally gave me a big laugh today. Thanks Ally. It was Vlad's idea to visit ***** and apply for a job there. I said yes because I was bored and of course, I already had a string of applications and I want to add more options to the table. We waited in the food court until they opened. I don't know how we started this conversation about creditors calling you up in public. I asked them it's a bit embarrassing.

Ally shared her experience: Citibank called her up because she hasn't paid her credit card dues. She was trying to haggle with the agent she spoke with. She said she clearly remembers what went on in that conversation. In the end, she still wasn't able to pay her bills.

Shortly after she hung up, she got a text from someone who claimed to be an old friend:

'Hey Ally, how are you?'
'Hus dis pls?'
'It's *****, di ba? We met in *****. Worked there before.'
'OH HEY! How are you! So how did you get my number.


'Uhm, don't get mad okay?'
'I was the one you were talking to earlier.'
'I work for ********** now.'
'Holy shit. Haha! Uhm... okay. Haha' [Insert nervous laughter here]
'So now you know I can't pay my bills yet.'
'Yeah, I figured. You haven't paid in 3 months now.'

[Insert Feeling of wanting to die here]

OH ALLY. Thanks for the laugh. Sigh!

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