Davao Dilemma goes to Naga

3:25 PM

Earlier, I wrote about my problem of going back to Manila. Since our program has been transitioned to our provincial counterpart here in Naga, some people have been moved to different departments and some were simply staring blankly on the wall, waiting for someone to ‘adopt’ them. Now this isn’t a typical scenario in the company. I struggled for a while to believe that this could happen. Now that I know more about the situation, I know anything could happen.

So imagine my dismay when some of my friends are still left in the dark in Manila. Three of them just got hired by one program, while the others are still waiting in line. I figured if I will go back, the same thing will happen to me. Worse, I will just add to the list of employees who are in need of a program.

So here comes the Naga dilemma.

Since I have convinced myself that I like it here in CamSur, I have been thinking of staying here for a long time. I’m thinking two months but only as a visitor. I think I haven’t spent enough time to decide on a permanent relocation. I am just preventing history from repeating itself – when I spent one week in Clark, fell in love with the place and later moved back to the city because of several reasons.

Of course, those reasons were valid: my former manager needed me. My best friend was then migrating to Australia. I want to carefully think about moving here so I am going to test the waters first.

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