I'm coming back to Manila...

2:22 PM

6 Hours and approximately 56 minutes before my long trip back to Manila.
I've never been so happy to go home!
I miss my bed. I miss my unlimited internet connection
in my bedroom. I miss not having to prepare my meals.
I miss someone else doing the laundry for me.
I miss my family!
I miss my lil sister!
I miss the old routes I take when going to work.
I miss our office in Makati.
I miss attending my Spanish class.

Camarines Sur was only supposed to be two weeks but my stay was extended.
The whole thing was unplanned. I was happy at first but with
the way things are going, I don't think I would ever want to
work with X and Y EVER again.
I wish they'd do something about it.
Or they'd be looking at a possible disaster waiting to happen.

And I thought I was the public enemy number 1 in CamSur! (I handed out memos and was berating people, trying to right the wrong in this part of the world.. did it for almost the entire time I was here!) Wow, I was surprised when this girl approached me and kept asking
for my departure date. Turned out she wanted to give me Bicol Express! Yum! Yum!

Bye Bye Cam Sur! TWas not all fun but I will surely miss the weather! And the
superMOWDELS of Abonal-Soria!

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