Gucci Gang Story: New theory

10:51 AM

Finally, I found an article about Brian Gorrell and his blog. Inquirer did two articles on the subject and I think they were both objective and a little funny. There are new emergine theories here:

Not so taken with the hullabaloo is another show biz insider. “Connect the dots,” the skeptic sniffed. “It could be just a gimmick to promote the club where those society peeps hang out. Remember the noisy separation of a show biz couple recently? It was for a new soap. And one comedian’s cry for justice for her son? For a new fantaserye.”

I have to say, this is a valid theory. Hmm... Although I'm thinking, if this is true, is it worth it? To bash your friends online? Expose their coke addiction? And their moments of administering fellatio on the island of Boracay?

The full article can be viewed here.

The big question is, will the Philippine Star come up with their own? Hmmm....

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