Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

1:57 PM

My last day in CamSur was so typical. I dropped by Mocha Blends in West Park and took advantage of their free Wi-Fi. As I was getting ready to leave, Mon texted me and asked me to rescue him from a mercy fuck. I gladly helped my friend went home immediately. I couldn't agree more. It really was going to be a mercy fuck. Thank goodness I got there before it happened.

As some sort of consolation, Mon and I had drinks at Sadi Baloy. It's a 'bar' near Centro 'where the Ateneans usually hang out and have drinks. The place wasn't as clean as I imagined but it was okay. Mon paid for the booze. Someone offered to give me a blowjob but maybe I was just drunk.

Or maybe just a lil tipsy because it usually just takes 2 bottles of San Mig light to make me woozy and that night I had four -- maybe five. I politely told Mon that I had to go home and pack my stuff as I was leaving for Manila. My departure was set at 9PM. It was already 7PM.

After another 7-8 hours inside the bus, I am finally back in Manila. Everything seems strange here. Probably because I didn't expect to come back with my mom being carried into the operating room for a minor surgery and my sister telling me she's 6 weeks pregnant. Everyone's busy with something while I have no idea what to expect next week.

Since I already left CamSur, I am officially on bench.

What's worse is that I was thinking of not leaving until 31st because I just felt that I had to finish my CamSur visit by trying wakeboarding. Unfortunately, nobody wants to try it, even though it was surprisingly cheap.

To my surprise, Bianca from Inquirer sent an email asking who wants to go to CamSur. Apparentl, there's a big wakeboarding competition that needs to be covered. I WAS JUST THERE! Competition starts today - and just like the Bora Fam Tour, the entire trip will be entirely free, including the wakeboarding fees.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda.

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