a VERY long Update - FINALLY!

8:02 PM

My apologies for being offline for so many days. My Smart Bro is quite a pain and I didn't have access to internet. It's weird because the messengers and Torrent download programs were working but the browsers were not. Both Mozilla and Internet Explorer won't open sites so I was out of touch.


I finally went to Global Fun Carnival last Friday. My sister warned me that it ain't grand but I went there anyway because my officemates were really itching to be get on the scary ride called 'Ranger', a 360-degree ride guaranteed to shake your innards for some good fun.

Unfortunately, I had two burgers from McDonald's before we left so I feared I might throw up while on the ride. So I decided to go for the other exciting rides. There's this swing ride that Barbs called Flying Without Wings:

It was kinda funny because it was a fast ride (and kind of scary too believe it or not) but the music being played while we were on it was Westlife's version of Flying without wings. Hence, the name of the ride. It would have been more fun if they played something from Britney or something to set the mood.


Remember that new Britney song which mentioned the Philippines? Well, she managed to make a video which is not too awesome but WAAAAAY better than the Gimme More video. Unfortunately, the embedding feature has been disabled to click here to watch it. Good Stuff!


I don't understand why this film became very controversial. Even my parents were worried when I told them my 7-year-old sister and I watched it together. Okay, the Magesterium may look like it's portraying the church but I didn't think it was THAT obvious.

I didn't like the movie though. For one, I feel bad that they used Daniel Craig as some marketing tool but he had very little screen time. We have to wait for the second installment in order to see what happens to his character, Lord Asriel.

And what's with Nicole Kidman's whispering? She was doing that the entire time! I hate to think that Nicole is really failing in her career after numerous box-office disasters such as The Invasion where she also starred with Daniel. This one seems to be a tiny effort to pick up the pace. It wasn't great but it was pretty good enough.


I am a big fan of Cate Blanchett. This woman really knows how to act! And she's good in faking accents too. I remember her spectacular portrayal of the doomed Veronica Guerin where she played the role of an Irish reporter. She did it so well and I loved it that I decided to buy a copy of the movie later on.

And boy, she didn't fail me this time! One word: ROYALTY. Cate sure knows how to act like a queen. And of course, Clive Owen's also in it so that makes it a royal cast. I don't want to say anything else, just watch it. It'll be worth every penny.

And watch out for the powerful lines: PANALO!


I've never really been a fan of coffee but Starbucks always make me defy my love for Tea. And this month, the Starbucks fever is definitely on.

I promised myself I would get myself a planner this year so I've been having frequent trips to the nearest Starbucks with my officemates. I was so happy that they launched the double sticker promo. Last Thursday, I decided to end the game.

I bought a total of 5 drinks in order to get my 10 stickers! Surprisingly, no one wanted to be treated for some good frap or latte because they all wanted to buy their own. It's really odd but yeah this Starbucks Planner is really a strong marketing strategy. And on the same day:


I just saw this new reality show on the Velvet channel called Kid Nation. It's basically the kiddie version of Survivor. But unlike the latter, this one happens in the middle of nowhere and the task of the three teams, composed of 40 kids, is to build a working society from scratch. The theme is like Wild, Wild, West.

It's pretty hard to build one when you got leaders aged 10-15 years old. They're called Town Councils, who looked like honor students from their respective schools (note: Geek). There's a lot of crying but I was mostly concerned about the kids! They were doing some heavy lifting and were subject to extreme conditions.

I read that the show was very controversial in the US when it premiered and the advertisers slowly shied away from it as a result. I totally agree! Using kids for profit is definitely not different than running a sweatshop with children. Despite the controversies, they will be doing another season of Kid Nation.


Finally! A teaser from the much-anticipated film Sex and the City!

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