10:36 PM

While I'm burning 80 calories an hour sitting in my room, watching season 2 of Ugly Betty, the rest of the gang are in Antel Avenue Events Hall for the annual company Christmas party. Why am I not there? I have no idea. Maybe because I was so excited to go to this year's party but was sorely disappointed when I found out some dude named Von Arroyo was hosting and that old-timer Gino Padilla was one of the 'guests'.

I hate to compare, but in my previous company, I had the same reaction when they told me that the 90's band Tropical Depression was playing for us that night. I was totally wrong! They gave us a great show with the whole Jamaican theme and even the foreign guests were impressed with their performance.

So now I wonder if Von Arroyo and Gino Padilla is doing the same as I am writing this entry. Before I signed in, I got several text messages from my crew asking me to join them.

Barbs: Konti lang tao sir Pika.
Bambie: Hay naku nilangaw yung party sir. Sabi mo nga, that is so not sweet!

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