h2O, 'mobile' landline
and more comebacks!

5:09 PM

My good friend IJ told me about this book and video called Hidden Messages in the Water. We were sort of having the usual therapy session and she shared this to me. The experiment was done by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Basically, what she did was she collected water samples in different parts of the world and put words on each bottle/container such as love, hate, anger, Hilter, etc. When the samples were crystallized, the ones with good words on them had beautiful crystal formations and ones exposed to bad thoughts or words formed blurred images.

What this is trying to say is that if this is how powerful thoughts and words are, imagine what it can do to us since up to 60% [or something] of our body is water. (I'm not sure about the exact percentage forgive me)

Love and appreciation

Good thoughts

Watch the videos to better explain this or log on to Dr. Masaru Emoto's website.


Keryl earlier told me that he is selling units of the 'Mobile - Landline' for Bayan Telecommunications. He showed me the unit. It looked okay though I can't imagine myself standing in the middle of Trinoma or Greenbelt looking like this:

"Mom's in the kitchen. Call back later."

Just one of the units

You can call AND TEXT from this landline phone. I think it's good for people who are renting or those who don't have landline phones to give to their creditors. (hehehe)


It's the time for comebacks! First, it was there were the Spice Girls, Take That, All Saints, and well yeah let's count the Backstreet Boys. Well guess what? The Danish pop sensation of the 90's AQUA will be reuniting as well! And they're going to tour the world with a new album.

Remember this?

What was your favorite Aqua song? I remember enjoying the Dr. Jones song. They make funny videos kasi kaya pumatok. They got sued before by the makers of the Barbie Doll for sort of bashing the doll or something. The case was dismissed according to Wikipedia's article.

Oh, I forgot that my fave song is Turn Back Time which was featured in the movie Sliding Doors.

Who else will be having a reunion?

Well, the 90's kids are surely enjoying this, right? In the meantime, here's a clip of the latest Spice Girls commercial for Tesco.

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