Coffee, Margaritas,
Office Politics, etc.

3:54 AM

Hay Buhay!

I just found out that right after the dimwits talked to me, they reveled inside the moving elevator, clapping their hands and were obviously elated at the fact that I'm out. Boo hoo. Office politics sucks but hey, at least I know I made that big of an impact.

The race for the Starbucks stickers is back and I am seriously going to get a planner this year! I've promised to collect these stickers since 2003 but I never really completed the 24-stamp/sticker requirement. I ended up giving away my stickers and just enjoy my frap. So far I've got four stickers.. whew! Long way to go...

Drank 5 margaritas last night. I'm actually enjoying my job now. Of course, we still haven't started the 'real work' but we're getting there. I'm delighted that I've been blessed with colleagues who have a good sense of humor and love for alcohol. I feel better now.

In other news:


FINALLY! Project Runway is back! I have to say that I am not a fashion fanatic but I got so addicted to this show! I miss people getting auf'd every week for their horrible creations. This is one of the VERY FEW reality TV shows that really showcases REAL talents.

You're fired!

Another show I'm addicted to is The Apprentice. I know a lot of people think Donald Trump is phony but let's face it! The man is successful and sometimes his words do make sense and they are pretty inspiring. When I'm down and I need advice, I always put on an Apprentice episode and I somehow feel inspired to work like a horse and be damn successful.

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